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Polo and Laura Olvera are the founders and owners of Training Room Dallas, a personal training studio located in Central Dallas. Over the last 5 years, Polo and Laura have worked towards being able to offer more through their passion for fitness and health.

Training Room Dallas was established in 2017 when the pair decided to leave their corporate positions due to the high demand of their services. They converted a back room of their home into a home gym, which is where it all began.

After a year in their home gym and practically outgrowing the small space, Polo and Laura decided to sell their home so they could invest into something more. The vision they had for TRD was much greater than what was available to them. They found the perfect location and have been up and running in their new space since the summer of 2018.

They are both certified through NFPT and have become some of the top trainers in the metroplex. Having been through a lifestyle transformation themselves, they realize how important it is to offer help to those who are looking to transform their life both physically and mentally. Having 2 dedicated personal trainers by your side, you are sure to accomplish the unthinkable.

THE TransformatioN


At the Training Room, we are known for our ability to help others achieve not only physical changes, but a change in their mentality. Our mission is to make everyone who walks through the door feel comfortable with stepping out of their comfort zone. Our trainers have been through the hardships that come with changing your lifestyle, which is what sets us apart from the rest.

We are here to show you the ropes to a well balanced, maintainable lifestyle.